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 Yasak Elma

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Zeynep and Yıldız are two sisters living in Istanbul. Although they are sisters, they are different from one another. Zeynep works as an assistant in a company. When the company works with another company, Zeynep starts working with an Alihan businessman. Alihan is arrogant, rich and does not stop hurting others. On the first day, Alihan and Zeynep fight each other. Alihan likes Zaynepa's behavior and begins to express her feelings for him.

On the other hand, Jalldez has a dream of having a rich life. In order to be close to rich people, she works as a waitress at a popular restaurant. She has begun to have an affair with the wealthy and wants to marry him to escape the low-income life. However, she realizes that her boyfriend has no intention of marrying her.

Joldz's life changes dramatically when she receives a job offer from high society queen Ender. Ender is married to a rich man, Halit. She is Halit's third wife and lives with her son and two daughters (from a previous marriage). In the eyes of the people, Ender and Halit are a happy couple, but in reality they do not love each other and have conflict all the time.

Ender wants to divorce her husband, but without losing her social and financial status. She knows her husband is wise. Halit has divorced twice after giving their wives some compensation. Ender does not want to be as fortunate as two of Haliti's ex-wives and therefore she makes a plan.

According to Ender's plan, she picks up Jagdell and makes her aide to Halit. She does it to seduce Haliti and have a romantic relationship with her. Jalldez accepts Ender's offer, but she too has her plans. Her decision affects not only her life but also her sister, Zeynep.

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